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Our Record Speaks for Itself

Some of the previous projects we have completed are among the best in commercial plumbing services today. Here is a look at what we have accomplished for our clients.

Nicklaus Hospital – Restroom Renovation

Nicklaus Hospital – Restroom Renovation

Nicklaus Hospital (Owner)
Gerrits Construction (General Contractor)

Complete installation of the facility’s commercial plumbing system, including its Medical Gas systems.

Amazon Cargo Building 716 – Restroom Renovation

Amazon Cargo Building 716 – Restroom Renovation

Miami International Airport/Amazon (Owner)

CSI General Contractors (General Contractor)

Complete renovation and installation of the commercial plumbing system of an existing restroom.

Pinecrest Community Center

Pinecrest Community Center

City of Pinecrest (Owner)
Lunacon Construction Group (General Contractor)

Full installation of a new Community Center’s commercial plumbing system. This includes a restaurant, its public restroom facilities, and grease trap.

Building 706 Restroom Renovation

Building 706 Restroom Renovation

Miami International Airport (Owner)
MCM Construction Managers (General Contractor)

Complete installation of their commercial plumbing system within (8) sets of Gang Restrooms.

Triangle Aviation – Cargo Building 708

Triangle Aviation – Cargo Building 708

Miami International Airport (Owner)
MCM Construction Managers (General Contractor)

Commercial plumbing system of the building, including its grease trap.

Coral Springs Self Storage

Coral Springs Self Storage

Self Storage (Owner)
Arco Murray (General Contractor)

Complete installation of the building’s commercial plumbing system, including underground site utilities.

Tree Island Park

Tree Island Park

Miami Dade County Parks and Recreation (Owner)

HG Construction and Development (General Contractor)

Completed ground-up development of the park, including two of its restroom facilities.

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The Construction division is driven by Commercial Projects within the Public & Private sectors. Our core strengths in delivering expertise, ability to provide manpower and value engineering efforts to any project are what sets us apart from our competition.

Our valued clients and partnerships with Miami International Airport, Jackson Memorial hospital, Florida International University, Port of Miami, HUD Housing among other institutions have allowed us to expand sustainably. We strive to provide exceptional support to our local public institutions as they help better serve the community.

Since our inception, we have partnered with local General Contractors from the likes of Magnum Construction Managers, Arco Murray, Lunacon Construction, EXA Group,  etc.

The Plumbers is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

Bonded, Insured and Licensed.

Our Public Sector valued clients include the following:

  • Miami International Airport
  • Port of Miami
  • National Park Service
  • US Coast Guard Air Station
  • US Coast Guard Miami Beach
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Miami Dade Public County Schools
  • FDOT
  • Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Our Private Sector valued clients include the following:

  • Magnum Construction Management
  • Lunacon Construction
  • EXA Group
  • Brodson Construction
  • Gerrits Construction
  • Florida Construction and Engineering
  • JE Dunn Construction
  • Arco Murray Construction
  • Arcaise Construction Management

Our Approach to Commercial Plumbing Is Second to None

The approach we take to every project is consistent and spread out into three vital factors, all geared towards the success of each project. The keys that make up our proven system are:


Manpower Evaluation


Value Engineering


Quality Assurance

Our approach to every project is simple:

Manpower Evaluation:

Identification of manpower needs on a project by project basis in order to deliver every milestone requirement.

Value Engineering:

Assess and identify opportunities in which costs can be reduced by alternate routing, material alternatives, and an in-depth functional analysis of the plumbing system.

Quality Assurance:

Implementation of our Quality checklists that are constantly evolving throughout every construction phase of the project in an effort to deliver a state of the art product.

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    Our commitment to technology has encouraged great strides within our system and provided a significant investment in utilizing these state-of-the-art software tools. In doing so, we maximize our productivity, cost control, and quality control efforts at every phase. This tried and true formula has allowed The Plumbers to develop promising relationships with established General Contractors, Developers, and Engineers of all sort.

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